Can we buy part of family house from uncle forcibily?

Dear All, Thanks in advance for investing time in this topic. We are staying in our ~100 years old house with 2 of my uncle's family. In Khata it’s clearly divided as property shares 35 years ago. 35years back this khata was updated after a family dispute case sulahnama was signed by all the share holders stating they are going to own their equally divided share with a contradictory dhara saying walls will be build above the existing walls. Old walls and pillars were around 3feet thick and most of the walls were within our share even then our uncle had removed more than 2feet from his sides to stretch his part of share. This is an on road commercial property where every inches matters. 2 years back my uncles expired and now their family members are selling property to some outsiders. House is still one house means all the loads is on corner pillars. There is single gurder passing all three houses. Common terrace. It’s one building from front structure. Only around 4 inches separation walls. No separate walls. Walls are not in straight line. Is there any way to buy this property forcibly from outsider by paying registered amount? Or we have any way to stop selling our share which is in his position.