Money recovery

Hello Sir, i am a college student. one of my friend wanted admission in an architecture college. so he told whether i can help him. and there was a girl staying beside me, she told me before that he has high contacts and she can do any admission work in colleges. so i introduced both of them. so they decided to do the work in rs. 1 lakh. so my friend gave rs. 1 lakh to me to give it to that girl. i gave the amount to that girl but now she is refusing with that. now the first party has logded a complaint against me. i accepted that i took the money. but i gave the amount to that girl. ploice is not investigating properly. they are just harrasing me. they are not taking any action against that girl. since i have no proof that i gave the money to the girl, police is not taking any action on that girl and just call me all the time for investigation purpose. i am totally helpless and i got trapped in a false complaint. so sir please help me. please guide me about what should i do next. how can i put that girl behind the bars. and save myself from this. please please please help me sir.