Termination without notice period

I have worked for one of the travel company where as i have spent only 50 days, speaking very honestly i did not get training, and i did not get nothing from that company. I have joined on 25th of May, 2016. First few days everything is very new for me. I shifted Gujarat to Tamilnadu. Before joining this company i was in Gujarat where as i got the job just a month ago but i want to doing a job in tamilnadu as my wife and my daughter staying at TN. I applied for so many jobs out of which, i got call from XYZ travel company. I clearly stated while getting call from the company owner that i just joined new company in Gujarat. If you want me to shift TN then take my interview over the phone and give me confirmation over the phone as i have so many commitment every month i am unable to attend the interview at TN ( By spending some money to reach your place). That person agreed and given me confirmation over the phone and even he asked me to put flight ticket after joining for reimbursement. After his confirmation i left the job at Gujarat and my previous company refused to pay me for 22 days salary which was nearly Rs 15000. I thought its okay if he is not ready to pay me for the 22 days salary as i got the job at my selected place. Now the problem is: In my current company i spent hardly 50 days, In that 50 days i did not get any training and did not get any explanation or process of work. Whenever i asked to those people who working there over the year, they simply refused my request of training, we are unable to give any training, any access without permission of owner of the company. As there is partnership firm if we are explain you any thing they people(owners) will shout on us or deduct our salary by saying who give you right to teach him. I found they were scared. I have experienced for 10 years so i used my mind and simply sitting beside them and learn how they can work. After few days (Almost 1 month or 35 days) owner giving my access after my no. of requested mail by saying i hope you learnt the process, i clearly told him that no one can teach me and nothing to teach me as they people(employees) said we have no right to teach you any thing. So i did not get procedure of work (how to issue the flight ticket and which portal you can used to issue the flight tickets). So please give me some training. All of sudden he shouted on me and said you completed your one and you dont know the procedure, i replied him by saying sorry i have asked so many times for give me training and give me access so i can start work slowly to understand your procedure. He said okay i give you access and i asked to one of my colleague to train you properly. But it was shocked for me after the order given by owner one of my colleague did not given me a training. I got the access so i started by own by watching others how they can work. After getting the access i issued 9 tickets with in 13 days and lost two ticket just because of one of my colleague who did not support me while issuing the ticket by saying my time is over and i cant help you out. All of sudden i got the news that i lost my mother and i went back to Gujarat. I mailed to company owner to informed the same and he replied me, okay you take your time to report back, i again replied him, in my hindu religion its almost 15 days of pooja. after finishing all i will report on 1st of Aug, 2016. On the 27th of July, 2016 i got the mail from him that i appoint a new person who knows routing and amadeus software. Sorry to regret you that you are not working any more with us. I replied him i already booked the ticket to come back and report you on 1st of Aug, 2016. And you are not given me any prior notice. I asked him for current month salary and one month advance salary as i have so many installment every month. He called me on 12th of Aug at 8 AM Request you to reply me as soon as possible. Thanks