Unauthorized construction in a CHS by grroup of owners

I live in a co operative housing society and builder has hand over the completed project to resident welfare association in 2012. It has around 250 apartments and all owners are part of association. In 2015, after loosing election, a group of people (all resident of 1 tower, out of 4) have resigned from the association and formed their own association. This particular tower is on a separate survey number than the other 3 towers. It also have a road facing wall. Recently, this group of people hired some goons and forcefully break the wall which was road facing to have their separate entry exit gate. They also arranged separate temporary water tanks and started procuring water separately. Few other 3 tower owners have parking on the 4th tower side and some of them has been removed to put the gate without any owner's permission. The new association has also filed a case in court asking for full ownership of their survey number plot. Court has not given any judgement and these people have hired goons and doing modifications to the society. Few people whose parking are on the other side have approached police but a formal FIR is yet to be filed. The entire project has 1 water tank and 1 STP. Now this group of people have a temporary separate water tank but continue to use common STP on the other side. They are in a process to barricade all entry points to this plot. So owners of first 3 block who have parking on the other survey number plot, will not have unrestricted access to their parking and may loose it. In this scenario, how to stop them to put boundaries inside housing complex? They also have stopped paying maintenance as their dependency is only STP. They are asking for rent for the parking which will eventually set off STP maintenance. These parking are bought by people. And builder is not responding as he has handover the project to resident welfare association. How to prevent this group of people, legally, not to hijack the parking on their plot?