In laws Interfere in my marriage life .

My husband and me are working that's why we are leaving separately but my in laws do not want to continue my job just because they want my salary and i am not able to do this because i have one daughter of one year and i am saving money for her education .my in-laws back ground is not good he do not have savings or property so that i do not want to leave my job . but every time they are giving me mentally torch er to leave my job and live with them so that they can rule on my husband and me . my husband is very good he loves me lot but always salient in front of there parents due to respect but in-laws take advantages of this attitude now they are snatching my baby from me and forcing to my husband to come and live with them . i am very afraid even i don't want to file any case against him because my husband loves his family too much and they will leave me if a do so i just want ,can i give any warning letter to my in-laws legally so that they will far from my baby and never think again to do that please advise ...i am very depressed