Related to Change in Surname post Marriage

Respected Sir, My Pre Marriage (Maiden) Name:- RIYA NAYEK. I got married on 26th November, 2015 as per Hindu Rituals. My Husbands Surname- GHOSH. I (We) applied for Marriage Registration on April. 2016 (Schedule-C Form as per Hindu Marriage Act). I wrote my name in the "Name of Wife" as RIYA GHOSH i.e. with my Husbands Surname and Address in the "Address of Wife" as my Fathers Address. (This was told by the Marriage Registrar). Our marriage got registered on 12th June, 2016 with my name as "RIYA GHOSH" and "Address of Wife" as my Fathers Address. I am a working woman and working in a IT MNC. Initially, I though I would adapt my Husband Surname but after getting lot of headache/complexities during changing surname/Address in all docs (PAN, Voter ID, Aadhar etc), I have decided to retain my Maiden Name. Since our Marriage has been registered with my Husbands Surname, what can be done to retain my Maiden Name and use it further/henceforth. Also I would not like to change my Surname in PAN, Voter ID, Aadhar, Bank Account, Insurance etc. (I may apply for Passport soon for working offshore (US/UK) due to company's work) Please guide.