My wife is asking for separation citing no particular reasons (I believe that she is put under pressure by her parents). I am not willing to divorce as I still love her and we have a daughter. In the larger interest of things in life - my daughters future, I am not willing for divorce. I am working with a bank and earning about 19 lakhs CTC and have a house (paying loan). We had a discussion in the police station and I have expressed that I will not agree for divorce. I believe that the inspector has understood that her family is pressurizing for divorce without having a valid reason, as they were raising baseless allegations against me and the lie was exposed. Please help me to understand the following. We are Muslims and please advise me as per the muslim law (if applicable in India) - If I am not willing to divorce and I am ready to support my wife wholeheartedly, is there still a chance for divorce - Will I get my daughter at least if the divorce is granted - Whether I have to pay alimony as i dont want divorce and express my commitment to continue with the married life - Request you to give me the contact of an advocate in Chennai who is an expert in Mohamedans law and family court matters