My previous employer is not releaving my dues

Dear All Seniors, As I was work with one of the manufacturing company. I joined the organization as an HR Manager and I signed an appointment letter, where they mentioned three months notice period and one month probation period. After 4 months I have resigned the organization. But my manager not accepted my resignation and she was not communicate anything on it. After 26 days, l left the organization and at the time of salary my manager stopped my salary and dues. Even she has not provided me my dues. When I asked my dues to her, she told me that I have not completed my notice period (Three Months). When I argued with her and said that I have given 26 days and as per law I required to give 30 days notice period. So, you can deduct in leu of my shortage period of notice. But she strongly argued that I need to complete 3 months and finally she told me that you can take any of action if you want, but we will not release. So, please help me. on this issue that what action I can take. The amount is not much big it may approx. 30 to 35 K.