Mental torture by in-laws, not physical

Hi, i am from Gujarat, India. I am well educated and working professional woman. I have been married for 7 years. I was staying in join family with my in-laws after marriage and adjusting for every small things from beginning. like : house hold stuff, money related concerns. My father in laws is not earning and they are dependent on us. I have no issue with taking care of them. but they interfere on my every single Rs. Please note i have spend all my salary in house hold and social stuff for my husband side. But when I buy any small gift for my parents they create big issue. in fact they keep telling me people who takes gift or anything from their daughters are shameless. etc etc. They have big concerns on me going to my parents house too. they say after marriage we are your parents. etc etc. every single day they keep saying something about such things. When I raise my concerns my husband doesn't like it and never support me. This creates everyday verbal fights between me and my husband. I am tired of all. Couple of times, we have huge (verbal / shouting ) fights and I decided to be separated after last time when it happened in Dec'16. But then all relatives from both side came into picture and conventicle that you both are educated and under stable. we again started our life. But My father in law is still troubling same way. What should I do ? I want ot file case against my father in-law for mental torture and divorce from my husband. The main important issue is they are greedy and behind my money. As I have stop giving money since couple of years, they are troubling me indirectly all the time. Now after so long time of keeping patience that things will change one day and nothing is changing so far, I have decided to move on and live life happily.