Hi, I married a woman 11 years back, whom her husband (her cousin) left her when she was a pregnant. So, I am a second husband for her. When I married her son was 8 years old & I taken care of him very well. From the beginning she used to fight with me for different reasons like buying property. But I was not in a condition to take risk at that stage. Later (5 years back) I purchased a land in both of our name, still I am paying bank loan for that, also I purchased a car in her name. I was growing in my carrier in spite of lot of mental pressure from her. Later due to her request & her parents request we planned for one more child (but I was not interested). We blessed with girl child. She knows that I am very sensitive about child, she wanted to join for job by leaving our daughter at day care, for which I was not agreeing. Finally she joined the job as per her wish. But I lot concentration on my job (because always I used to think about my daughter) & I started drinking, some time in the morning itself I used to drink. I am in sales & I suppose to travel all India basis. So again she started mental torcher, so I reduced my travelling activity & later I changed couple of jobs & I become addicted to alcohol. Still I got good job offer but I don't wanted to join, because there is one more problem that my wife & son always fight due to which my daughter get scared & cries very much. When even I wanted to travel out station she will cry by saying pappa if you are not there mummy & brother will fight & I get scared. Now I don't have a big profile job & I am earning 50 % of my earlier salary. Now she is started her small business & showing less interest In all house hold activities, more over she says do major of all house hold activities your self, because I am earning & I will earn more that what you earned. Myself I never gave importance to money in my life. I always cared for family. Now she started using bad words & some time she says to my daughter that your father is a waste person & don't follow his words, she uses bad words in front of my daughter, every day there will be fight if I open my mouth, if I am not opening my mouth, she will use bad words, so that I will open my mouth. But I will be quite because my daughter says "pappa if mother talks any think u please keep quite". Because of this I think my daughter is becoming week & depressed (she is 6.5 year old). Now I wanted to apply for divorce & I want my daughter with me. Kindly suggest how shall I proceed & what should be the consequences.