Rejected by the ground of fake university at the end

Am completed my B.Com Part One exam(1st year & 2nd year) from Calcutta University, later I completed Final year from EIILM University in the session Jul 10 - Jun 11 under lateral entry and I got a Mark Sheet from there, and the issued date was 22 May 2012, but yesterday I knew that the University is fake by a H.R when am already completed maximum round of interview and selected for the job in a multinational company, am tried to convince her that if University is fake then how I could a job before In H.D.F.C Life which job was a graduate level, then she tel me this is a multinational company, then am asked her can any national company hire the employee who have a fake certificate? and if the certificate is fake then as a job seeker what is my blame? am not fake, am not print the certificate and all the words intentionally, then why you reject me by this ground? Is this support your company guide line? My experience and my last CTC and all am not submit you wrong, but she just tel me sorry. Now Sir please help me, by giving your advice in my this stage..