Breaking an engagement

Hi, Have got engaged with a girl on March 6th 2016 and planning to cancel it , because girl's attitude . we just informed over the phone not interested on May-29-2016. But they told like they want to discuss , every weekend travelling from Bangalore to Hospet and later they are telling like that cannot come bcz of some reasons and Marriage was planned on Nov-13 2016. Now from July 2nd week onwards we just stopped contacting them and they are also not contacting us. Fear is what they can do? whether they can file any case against me ? During engagement nothing is signed on a paper , but only photos were taken. rings are exchanged . Some of the reasons are :- 1. Forced me to change the kalyana mantap. 2. Always complaining about me . 3. showing very much angry and arrogant . 4. If i ask her to collect 10th marks , she replied like why do u need my 10th marks card. 5. Blocked my number on whatsup and chatting with other friends. and so many other reasons.