My husband was never faithful to me, sooner after our marriage he started saying me that, if you wont follow me , i ll send you home! he was working in gujrat , he never took me with him and i was forced to stay with inlaws. once when i was there in gujrat for short period, i checked his cell phone, and found some i love u messages to a girl, when i opposed he sent me again to inlaws, i told my mother in law about that isssue, than she asked me not to tell the story to my parents. he was in gujrat and i was in jaipur, even if he comes to jaipur, he never shown intimacy, we never engaged in physical relationships, he tended to keep himself away from me, meanwhile my mother in law always forced me to have baby. when i pressurized my husband about my mother in laws will, he told me clearly that my this dream will not gonna fullfill, and he again went back to Gujrat, after six months when i was again back to gujrat, he asked me to give me my cell phone, and never returned me back, if i had to call my parents i had to beg him, than on the occasion of my grand monther in laws demise, the in lwas family had thrown me outside the house and asked me to go back to my parents, now i dont know what he had done with my cell phone,he torturing me that u are a whore , and i want mutual divorce , and if you will not give me that, i will defame you, i have evidences against you, about your dirty mobile chats, you have relationships with many mens, ( tough i have never talked to anyone and never had dirty chat with anyone ) . aand than he filled a divorce petition against me on the basis of false evidences and now after getting frustrated i had filled an fir against him and her family, they want me to prove unloyal, what should be done , please suggest.