Arya samja marriage validation and procee that nobody lodge FIR

Respected Sir I want to marry with a girl who is same cast but there is tiny difference that doesnt allowed marriage with her such as a traditiona. We are both documentally residence in Rajasthan but would marry in Surat at arya samaj. Question is that if i marry her what are leggal proceeding or safty features that prevent me after marry bcoz i have doubts that many times girls goes under pressure in her parents and put statment that he(I) kidnapped me and marriage me against my consent or raped me or similar things at police station after loodge FIR by her parents. 2 what are proceeding that can stop het parents or police to lodge FIR aginst me after marriage in Arya samaj. 3 If i marry in surat then can i present before the nearest magistrate for statement of my wife in my favour in surat and magistrate will gI've me any documentally proff of statement ? Even though we are residential of other state. 3 may I presents befor HC rajsthan or HC gujarat for police security for 15 days or superitendent of police of surat or rajsthan? 4 What are procedure that i must do before or after marriage that can bound her parents to lodge FIR or even police cant lodge it? Or may my wife put statment against me or fever of statement as mentioned in FIR Such under pressure as kidnapped, rape, mental harresment or blackmail as often parents of girl lodge in FIR? . Hope to suitable answer Thanks to all law professional