Regarding Domicile address vs Residential address in India

Dear Sir/Ma'am I have a query of my friend regarding the topic mentioned above. My uncle (friend's father) was born in U.P., he dont have birth certificate but have his ancestor's there, he (uncle) got job in public sector in 1981 in M.P. His son (my friend) was also born in Uttar Pradesh in 1985, but, he too, dont have his birth certificate. He got his school & higher education in M.P. only, but he have his domicile certificate of U.P., (may be cause his forefathers were there so, they were made it somehow), but since his father is in service in M.P., all his family members including my friend have ration card, voter ID, PAN, driving license & AADHAR address belongs to M.P. But after his father's retirement they wish & want to abode back to U.P. He had applied for UGC fellowship & got awarded on d basis of domicile of U.P. as domicile certificate was required there & he have that U.P. domicile certificate only. Now inspite of honourable Supreme court's order- that "AADHAR is not mandatory", disregarding this order, UGC made it mandatory as Govt. has passed the "AADHAR Bill 2016" in Lok sabha as "Money Bill" & his AADHAR has to be seeded with his bank A/c where fellowship has to be disbursed through direct benificiary transfer (DBT) mode, & his docs. will go for digital signature, but as I have mentioned his AADHAR consists address of M.P. So what do u suggest for him:- 1. What does address on AADHAR & other documents of proof of address denotes- Domicile address or residential address? As domicile of Union of India can be of single state at a time, but we can change address on AADHAR (& on other documents also) acc. to our present address, so does it denotes residential address? 2. Is there any actual difference in domicile address & residential address acc. to Indian Law, as they are confusing in terms of Union of India & its states & U/T rule? 3. Is it lawful acc. to Indian law, that he have domicile address of U.P. but have address of M.P. in his other documents including his AADHAR? 4. How can he avail his fellowship, as he is a meritorious student & belong to poor family & got selected in this scheme cause of both these factors only? 5. Does he require to change his address from M.P. to U.P. on his AADHAR (as per his domicile certificate) or not? As I came to know AADHAR is nothing to do with citizenship but it is a document aimed to collect biometric & DEMOGRAPHIC data plz. help Regards