Mental harassment and forcing for divorce

Hello sir/ madam, I got married 6months back and for the last 2months I am staying with my parents. My mother in law and father in law kept on harnessing me mentally till the date I got married. They used to find faults in whatever household works I used to do and insulted my parents many times complaining about me. My husband is having sexual problem still I managed to stay with him just to save our marriage but when I tried to cure him by consulting a doctor thinking of having a baby he statred blaming me that I am psycho and hired that before marriage. At last I filed an FIR against them and also gave signature in 498A case but the case has not been forwarded to court as I have not given the final signature to police for placing the charge sheet to court. I contacted my husband's relatives saying everything to them seeking help but it turned worsed and now my husband is asking for divorce. My father and my paternal uncle bent their heads down in front of them to sort out the problem so that they accept me committing things will fall at right place but they insulted them too. The only thing they want is divorce. I registered my problem to legal aids and they said that chances are 50-50 to resolve the problem. Pls advise me what shall I do next? Is this the right way to save my marriage or I should go forward with case? What is the maximum time frame I can hold a case? Shall I have still hope to save my marriage or I shall agree for divorce ?