Builder trying to put condition in Possession letter

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out with my concerns. My builder had try to put conditions that we may not raise any issue about Club House used, by another phase he is selling, where as wen I bought this N.A plots with full layouts,open space and others specification he showed us that only this number of plots oweners are there these are common areas wil be use by them.. He showed us only xyz name ( pashe 1, pashe 2 and Phase 3) in his brochure and layouts. And now suddenly he is trying to introduce New phase with Name new Phase 2 with a plan to use clubhouse areas by new phase 2 owners. I mean to this is literally cheating on his part as he does not want to consider construction a new club house for complete new sets of owners. More ever he is trying to save his money by making other people use our phase property and I am sure this might create a huge issue in future as owners might claims their rights on our clubhouse if he is promising that his club house is ready can be used by them. Please advise me, as this builder is trying to put many condition in possession letter, would like to ask is this legal from Builder point to write anything in possession and use it for their safety. And bind customers from filing any case against him. Please help me as its very important and my hard earned money is put in that.