Employer forcefully discharged me from duties and not paying slal

Dear sir, i joined 5 month back an MNC at bangalore, and i lost interest as they asked me to travel by two wheeler 150 km in a day sometimes. and everything but later i realize this place is not for me day by day i gone into depression and not able to concentrate on health so fear of accident on highway and everything started striking in mind. twice i mate with accident too but they were minor. I discussed the same with my manager on 12th july 2016 and he advised to think. On 20th july resigned but immediately rethought to keep on hold and mailed to put on hold. no feedback mail came. On 26th my VP HR came and i discussed the same he advised me to rethink. On 28th july i mailed that i will continue the services as i tried to come up with depression. On 29th july they mailed me my reliving process started on 20th itself without nay acceptance, they are asking me to go and hold my one month salary and expenses too as per my appointment letter. today 01.aug they blocked my laptop too when i asked the acceptance of my resignation. Now terms was that i have to deposit 30 k rs and serve 3 month notice period if i leave company. but now they are asking me to leave and holding my salary without any proof of acceptance of resignation after my confirmation of serving further. they are saying that you are not in mental state of working further thatsy your resignation has been accepted. but didnt given mail nothing. i have all mail communication on my personal id. pls suggest what i should do.