Zoom car services

Hi, We had rented a zoom car for 2 days. On the arrival, as the car was running bonnet opened and popped out the window shield. This happened in the middle of the road where the traffic is high and sudden opening of the bonnet blinded the driver. It was a close call as anything could have happened to persons inside before the car got stop as it is busy traffic street. On closer examination of the bonnet latch we found that the latch was already broken before we rented the car. The bonnet was sealed with broken latch. This was the main reason the sudden opening of the bonnet the breaking the other half latch. On further examination its very clear that the car already met accident before. Due to this we had to park the car in the middle of isolated place and find some other vehicle which was very difficult and took several hours. As far as zoom car company is concerned we have paid the advance amount and additional fuel amount and also the transport after car broke down. The total is much more than the actual charges. My question is can we proceed with the legal charges against zoom car claiming our losses and additional amount for causing inconvenience as they have provided car which was not well maintained?