Regarding Flat maintainence

We (My father,mother and I) reside in a company owned apartment in Madhyamgram. As per the discussion we had we the company we pay the maintainence and electricity bill. We do have committee in our apartment who look after the welfare of our flat. Last year our apartment went through some contructional work like painting the apartment and few other work. for which the committee asked for a huge amount of money (Rs 17,000) from every flat holders. Since my father is a retired person and I recently got married we could not give that amount and have spoken to company and committee both. Company did not wanted to bear the burdens as they do not stay and committee want the money at any cost. Now after that they have increased the maintainence also but now suddenly they have come up with a new plan. As per their saying due to that construction done they required more fund and hence they had to use their savings from the committee fund. So their new demand is increase the fund by providing every flat holder with generator service. Now we said we have personal inverter hence we do not require generator line as it is of no use. So their saying is either you take the service or we will increase the maintainence.By hook or crook they will take the money. Now this is just like we are being trapped. Please do let me know whether I can take any legal step or not? In a big time problem.