How to stop my wife mother involvement in our marriage life .

Hello Respected lawyers , Am ASKumar got married in dec 2015 working in a Company as Business Development from past 4 yrs .and my wife is working in a reputed company as java developer from past 3 yrs . Issues from my wife : she don't know how to cook properly and don't have interest to learn and cook .she takes bath more than an hour though i forced her many times to reduced the time so that you can focus rest go the time on cooking or other personal work in home .she willingly never touched my cloths to wash unless i buy a washing machine .but she use to take only her clothes for every 10 days to wash at her mother home . above points where supported by her mother and father saying it will take time don't worry mean while you start cooking or keep a maid moreover my daughter can't cook if you force coz she will never do as she is a stubborn person . based on these reasons i used to stop her going to her home but her father use to call me and argue why don't you send my daughter every month . even i used to argue why should i send give me a one god reason . so far you haven't teached your daughter how to cook atleast , how to respect her husband and relatives then whats the point in sending to your home . finally my wife got pregnant hook or crook i used to send her home atlas once in a month . now she came up with a word i she need divorce . then i spoked with her father friend as she is asking for divorce he said don't worry leave her at home lets discuss later about it . then i dropped her at her home and updated to her parents its your wish what to do . but the fact is we all know due to her mother and father over involvement my wife is taking an advantage on every point and making it an issue . so now i request the respected lawyers to give me your valuable suggestions to file a case against her parents so that daughter will set rite .