Cheating complaint against

Sir, I have purchased a plot under house construction agreement thru' registered sale deed Document No- 53/2001 dated 8th Jan -2001 & Doc. No. 597/99 dated 22.11.1999 and the total extent of the property (including land and house constructed) as per above sale deed is 1819 Sq.ft. which compress of RS. 1/3 & R.S 1/7. And on subsequent document verification and land corporeal survey, we could find the following discrimination. • Nearly 312 sq.ft of house is been constructed on R S.No- 42 ( G.P. Land Road). • 1195 Sq.ft is in R.S. No 1/5 pt. • 323 Sq.ft is in R.S.No – 1/3 pt. ( not in sale deed) Whereas the sale deed registration between me and N. Vivekananda sivam is label only on RS - 1/5 & 1/7 of 1819 sq.ft. and not in R.S- 1/3 & R.S – 42 G.P. Land Road.. I further state that, due to false and corrupt land disproportion and cheating , I was forced to execute sale deed registration for of 390 sq.ft with another person {Document No. 3227/2011 dt. 01.08.2011}. Also I state that the registered 390 sq.ft was within the RS – 1/5 mentioned 1195 sq.ft. I further state that under the Power Deed dated 23.08.1999 ( Doc. No. 23392) it is clearly mentioned that the total extent of the property is talk about as 10908 sq.ft. And it comprised only in R.S. No. 1/5 { 1690 sq.ft ) and 1/7( 9218 sq.ft) But not in R.S.No – 1/3. I state that the vendor’s has made construction and sold the to the extent of 1195 Sq.ft in R.S. No 1/5 , 312 Sq.ft in R S.No- 42.( G.P. Land Road) and 323 Sq.ft in R.S.No – 1/3. I state that at the time of purchase my husband was out station and therefore I being a women. both Natarajan as well as his son Vivegananda sivam has violated one of the important duties and liabilities of vendor given under the TRANSFER OF PROPERRTY ACT. In addition to the above the vendor, who owns 528 sq.ft of land in R.S. No,1/5 cadastre No-653, and the above is under my shortest privilege enjoyment and possession since 2001 and I state that I have all civil rights to claim for the shortage of land. And without my knowledge and consent D.Natarajan. S/o. Duraisamy is trying to sale the above said piece of land for which I have objection. only i would like to know, that right now the vendor is holding land of 528 RS 1/5 and which is shortest to my privilege enjoyment, do i have right to claim for the same for me shortage. if at all the vendor dispose to some one with out my knowledge can i make cheating case? and what type of case can i book on him. pls. try to reply as early as possible. Kind regards T.Ravichandiran