Family law and property law

Dear Sir We are three sisters,all unmarried but we are all gainfully employed,our mother is 62 years old,she has been a homemaker since she was married. She raised the three of us single handedly while our father was always away in the Gulf working.Our Father is a chronic alcoholic and has had multiple extra marital affairs.He is still working in the gulf,all the years he has subjected my mother to domestic violence and all of us have been subjected to mental cruelty by him. its 3 years now that he is seperated from us and living seperately,he lives a lavish lifestyle and is not supporting my mother financially.It is difficult for the three of us to support her at times as we ourselves are not making enough.Yet we manage to run the house.We had also filed a NC against our Father 3 years ago for domestic violence and we had also approached MAJLIS The house we live in is on his name and my mother is the joint associate member.He has gone around speaking ill of my mother and us and is not supporting us one bit. Under such circumstances I wanted to know if my mother is eligible to alimony incase we file for a divorce,and Can he throw us out of the house we are presently residing in as he has threatened my mother. Are we entitled to this house and alimony. Thanking you in anticipation