False case of cruelty from husband to wife & want divorce

I am married for last 1.5 years. I was living with my husband and his 2 young sisters and his parents at his home but left his home and came at my parent's home 7 months back. My husband is in a private job and earns 22k/month His father is retired from government job (constable). He has elder sister who is married to one of my relatives. I am post graduate and have done primary teachers training. Issues- 1- he don't want me to continue my study ( he thinks I will became powerful and will not obey him as I get job) 2- he want me to do all the house works and from morning to night and his sister never help me in work. 3- he fights with me on the ground of false complaints of his sisters. 4- he don't like me to visit at my parent's home. 5- he raised his his hand on me 3 times on his sisters complaints 6- he never buy me medicine whenever I need. 7- he never take me out from house ( he says wright on paper what do you need I will bring but I will not take you to the market) 8- he use cheap words for me and my parents AFTER waiting to change his behaviour for long time I came to my parents home 3 times. He always used to come at my parents home made false promise to change his behaviour which he never changed. 7 months back he sent some intimate photos of us (taken long bake and saved in his phone) to my brother from my phone. After this act of him I came to my parents home and didn't went back to him and told him to change his behaviour first then only I will come back. Now he has filed for divorce on the ground of cruelty that I used to beat him and my parent also beaten him when he came to my parents home. Also I used to compare him with other in learning. What should I do. I want to save my marriage or if this not possible I want to teach him a lesson.