"Not getting Chargesheet after 8 months of filing a False Case "

I am from Kolkata in North 24 parganas districts of Barrackpore sub-division. I sold one of my shop in front of my house 7 years ago to a person who have spectacle shop there. But he and his wife were quarreling with me with many false allegation to me and my wife. In last week of January, 2016 the shopkeeper started quarreling with me when I was clearing dust in front of my house with a broom. He said that the dust was entering inside of his shop but that not actually happened. And he was using very filthy language to me and then I become angry to him. He started wrestling each other with me. Suddenly, he fell down and stuck his forehead and started bleeding. But his wife and the local people started beating and called police. But his wife wrote in FIR letter falsely that I started beating his husband with iron rod and by this rod his forehead was beaten. But police took that FIR and gave 308,341,323,325,506 ipc to me and I was in jail about 1 month. But till now, from January about 8 months, I can not get chargesheet. But I want to get proper justice against this fasle case. So, how can I get the chargesheet of this case quickly? Please, help me as soon as possible to get my chargesheet very soon. My residence is under Barrackpore subdivision in North 24 parganas.