How to avoid parents influence in my marriage life

Two months ago my wife with 2 months old kid left for her she doesn't want to return because she wants to be separated from my parents.she says my parents are disturbing our relation,i say the same with her parents.So I agreed to her proposal and said both side parents should be avoided for 6 months and we live separately to find out what is the real cause of our disturbances.I arranged house etc far away from both side she says I should come to her parents and bring her back otherwise she won't future also I should drop her at her parents,relatives and bring her back.I don't want either my parents or her parents to intervene or influence on my marriage parents are ready to give a declaration legally not to intervene in my life.can I ask her legally to stay away from her parents in order to protect our bond? if my wife doesn't want to break up from her parents then what are my other options to bring her back? I don't want any bodies intervention in my life and want to save my married life.please suggest me a solution.