What shall we do

Sir, 20 Years ago My father purchased a land for resident in my mother name in front of our old house in my village, We are 3 Brothers and 3 sisters and all are married. When we all divided, my father have allow maturely to made separate separate resident and my big brother re-made on old house place, Me and younger made on which land purchased by father into the name of my mother. My father was ex service men and expired, my mother is pensioner now and stay with my younger brother. After expiry of father cultivate land also come in to 4 name means all 3 brother and mother name. Now we shifted in city to complete children education and left village home and keep by belongs in to two rooms and locked. Main gate key handed over to BIG Brother to take care home and agriculture land. Nawa days our relation is not good and My Big Brother and younger brother said me to expose your home which is made on mothers land.. Also they are asking that mother has sold or named his property ( Home and agriculture land ) to our names. So my question is 1-My village home is legal or un legal. 2- Can mother sold or name his property in to one OR both Brother without my permission. 3-What can i do to save my Home and land. 4-Can we take STAY ORDER on all property ( Home + Agriculturist Land )