Can husband change daughters full name without mothers consent

Hi, I have been running through some issues with my husband and family. As mine is an inter-caste love marriage, he is a Christian and I am a Hindu, my in laws and husband has lots of issues with me as I follow Hindu custom and traditions. We both have a kid who will turn 1 year this Sep 24. Just to give a brief background, I was not supported by my husband or his family during my maternity and also during the time of child birth. However right after the child birth he named our daughter without my consent. But when I had been to hospital to collect our daughter’s birth certificate I came to know he has named our daughter without my consent. But somehow I seeked the help of hospital management who helped me changing our daughter’s name according to astrology. During the course of time, I felt things were going without any issues and made my mind to live with him again from May 2016. However my husband is trying to change our daughter’s name again without my knowledge. As per the law, is my husband authorized to change our daughter’s name without my consent? Is there a way I can have a stay order in place to prevent the same? Please advise. Thank you