Cruelty and harrassment

I was from New Zealand and i married in india in the end of 2009. Feb 2010 I applied my husband's visa on the basis of my miscarriage and medical treatment but after reaching there he refused to provide any medical help by saying that its not s serious problem. My father even transfered the money twice from india for my treatment but all gone to liquor stores by my husband. I was harrassed by him as he wanted the PR quickly and suring six years he totally denied to contribute in any household expenses such a shouse rent, bills etc and saved his income in separate account. He took huge amount of loan in joint account which is still due and I am pying the installments. I was quite because i didn't want to involve myself in any police case and even whenever i came to India i was not allowed to wear any gold and they hide away everyhtingand my in-laws also denied to provide any medical help.finally we got the PR in 2015. After that we got the visas for Canada and USA too and i was forced to pay the fees. In january my husband came to India and met my family and said he wants the divorce. My family was shocked suddenly as they spent too much money on my study and wedding. He told me that his main intention was PR and it is better to separate now. I was ECE teacher in NZ and i was in the job contact which was signed untill two years /(2018). due te huge pressure from families i had to terminate the job and came to India. But in India in the panchayat my in-laws told me that your husband goneabroad ten days agoso bette ris to sign the divorce papers and give us three lakh fees which we spent on your study and 80000 rs which we pent on wedding party. (reception). Now i lodge the complaint under section of 498a 406 etc in the NRI wing Punjab police and gave my statements and my father also recorded the statements but SHO is not inquiring anything with my in-laws.He told me that Police needs 4 months to investigate and lodge the FIR. Everyday he is saying I am going to send the email to your husband and going to call your in-laws for preliminary inquiry but nothing happens from last 20 days. I don't know my husband;s whereabout and embassy will not do anything without FIR. Also my inlaws alledging me that I am infertile which is baseless.