Association of gated community levying fine and disconnecting

I have a villa in a gated community in bangalore. I have 4 cars and there is parking only for two cars. secondly almost 70 % villas are vacant. Hence we used to park in one of the empty villas garage. this was objected by the governing society who informed all owners not to permit my cars. hence i started parking in the common road leading to our house without blocking any ones passage by cars. The association levied a fine of Rs 1,000/- per day and backdated are asking me to pay 92,000/- for three months and counting further every day. I refused to pay since they have been very punitive and today they disconnected the generator service and are threatening to cut off all services like garbage disposal, common area cleaning and all relevant services of a common nature to our villa. secondly the weirdest issue here is that the so called society claims that internal needs like plumber, electrician, etc they are not concerned how is that. ok if the internal work is of a payable nature like a fused bulb burnt out fuse etc we have to pay. but they have to facilitate right. they refuse to do so but are levying huge maintenance charges. please let me now what to do.