Ancestral Property rights to a daughter as per 2005 amendment act

My father was allotted his share of property out of his father's business by his brothers, all partners which is a partnership firm bequeathed by their father at Chennai. His got his shareof property by virtue of a family partition with an unregistered deed in the year 1972. My father was enjoying the rents out of that property since 1979. He died intestate in 1986.(We have filed a suit for partition & dissolution of the firm where my sister is also one of the partner). We the legal heirs viz my mother (expired), my brother and married sister got signed an lease agreement with our tenant and enjoying the rents so far. Now the lease expired has expired. We are thinking to enter into a fresh agreement for higher rent or to sell the property. As per the latest amendment act does my married sister eligible for her share in our property being ancestral in nature? Can we sell that particular property without her consent. Sir I need your valuable suggestion for equity and justice.