Tenant try to capture the property

I (age 72 years) have rented a shop on ground floor and two room set on first floor 11000 p/m on an eleven month notarized rent agreement,first month he paid only security 11000 and promise to pay the rent within 10 days but he didn't, next month he paid 15000 the rent for last month and partial of this month again next month he paid 14000 by cheque to my son's a/c,but from the last 2 months he is not paying the rent .so I put a case in dist. court for rent recovery and eviction. there we know that he produce an advance receipt (revenue stamp on a plain paper) calming that he had purchased the shop and my son had taken the advance (cash 6.5 lakh). a police complaint have been given to sho, acp and dcp office for creating false document and forged signature but copy of fir has not been received yet. in the first day the Hon Judge said that the court will not consider the receipt and given two months date .the lawyer told us that on next court day he will request the court to vacate the two room set on first floor bacause till now he hasn,t pay the rent