Duplicate TC is invalid for getting admission in GFTI ?

Sir,I hv done my degree in Kerala 2004-07,had a backlog and got it passed by2008 itself. I hv got every certificate from the college including TC. In 2016,I hv applied for Government Film & Television Institute,Heseraghatta,Bangalore for Cinematography. But I lost the certificate in between while travelling,so I had applied for the duplicate certificate as per the rules and regulations mentioned by the college and Kerala university, Affidavit and attested by notary and paid the fine in college and received my duplicate tc from the college. From the last one week I am in bangalore and visiting GFTI fir admission formalities along with duplicate tc. But its yesterday [deleted],3.45 pm just before paying my semester fee of rupees 14000,principal said that Duplicate Tc will not be accepted for admission as they got directions from the Technical Education Department of Karnataka stating TC mentioned as Duplicate or Duplicate TC will not be accepted fir admission. Those who submit duplicate Transfer certificate must not be admitted as student. Is it legal? A person who have all the required qualification will not get admission because of a duplicate tc? We are going to meet the technical department for the same too. I have paid my eligibility fee of 1000rupees to the college and received my certificate by yesterday for Gfti course. Is their any legal validity for disqualifying a person from admission after all these procedures only due to duplicate tc? What shall I do if i got negative response from the technical education department for the same? Kindly advise me for the same. It will be a great help for me to get the right direction from an advocate.