Mentally and emotionally tortured

I got married 3.8 yrs before, was working as a software testers. Today I am a mother of a 1 yr daughter with no job and money for fulfill my basic needs. After getting married,the very second day my husband stated that his parents is the first priority,and nothing else in his life,certainly was shocked,days would go and when I use to return from office could see that some or the other relatives was been celebrated,as an IT employer,it as an hectic for me to cook for 20 people, every day guest,Onces I told my husband what is this its difficult for me to work in office as well as cook serve for so many people,he stopped talking with me for 15 days,my MIL would open my cupboard I check and show her relatives my clothes, for first Diwali she demanded 5 silver utensil,My father is a farmer& Hv only 3 acres of land,he cannot afford. My sister in laws used to come every fourth day,she is 4 years younger,she never used to treat me well,always was jealous,b'coz of her first time my husband beat me, and my in laws told me to leave house,I left and then on way I thought of my father who is a cancer patient and returned back to my in laws place and said sorry,my husband didn't talked with me for a month.he always listen to his mother cannot take his own decision. Whenever I complained he never used to talk,then I started messaging him,then he complained it to his father,again Tamasha in house, called my father and complained that their son takes me to hotel and movie,in fact I used to pay.again I was been told to say sorry,before of frustration I couldn't concentrate on my work and my health was also detroit.started yoga they didn't like,always wanted me to stand smiling in front of their relatives & serve.My MILdoesnt know cooking,but expected much more from me,when things go well then no appreciation, but if anything went wrong, then all of them used to sit on head.. I wanted to change job, but couldn't study, so I felt that after leaving job I can stay for 5 hrs at least,but everything went wrong, was busy in cooking and taking care of nephew, after 10 month I got job,and was pregnant,but was not sure about my pregnancy,but I had a gynac problem,so I was sure that I was not pregnant, so I told my husband, that I want to join,I don't want baby now,then he told his parent,that he don't want to stay with me,send her to her parents,and slapped me many times, again I said sorry to all,my FIL said that its your decision of keeping the baby,and quitting the offer should not blame our son. After a check found that I was pregnant, I was happy that I was pregnant.Everyday my MIL used to say that Mulga honar, only boy,this bought more tension..8 month of my pregnancy they literally made me feel hell,joined yoga in morning after returning home cooking & after completing all my work I used to go for a nap,but my in laws nvr let me to sleep,always would say y ur hair r like that,y ur complexion is such,bad words to my parents,even a money requirements and many more thing at last I broke down my silence in 8 month of my pregnancy,when my 4 sister in laws came to stay for 3 days,1 real and rest cousin and I was made to cook 18 people nonveg food, myMIL & FIL used bad words in Marathi which I haven't listen before,my husband again beat me and removed me from house and I went to my parents house they didn't called me up, they were not happy as it was a baby girl,they certainly came to meet their grand daughter Onces,my husband used to visit Onces in a day with a high pitch told my dad that when she will return home, my dad told me to return home back,and I came after 7 months, I don't wanted to,but today same thing going,I am not getting job,no time to study,no money,begging for a basic things,they are trying to depart my daughter from days I am just thinking of suicide,no other option.pls help me