Vacant Flats - Maintenance Amount - Hyderabad City

Hello Sir, Could you please provide your valuable advise? I'm the resident of Hyderabad city. Maintenance for vacant flats: My apartment has few vacant flats (not sold yet). The society has already been formed and registered. We have a clause in by-laws of association that the maintenance will have to be paid for vacant flats also because the maintenance is for the entire apartment not for individual flat. If we don't receive the maintenance on time, what steps can an society take in Hyderabad to get the money from the vacant flat holder? we have told him several times to pay it on time but he always fails. What steps an association can tak to make him pay the maintenance regularly until they are sold out. There are 5 vacant flats in total that belongs to same person (land owner). The maintenance per flat has been fixed as 1,000. Please advise on the next steps that the society can take to get the maintenance on regular basis ? I'm not sure if we can approach conumer court? Thank you,