Can we files writ petition government order

Dear Sir, We are 25 tenant from different MHADA transit camp in Mumbai, spending around 40year in transit camp, our old buildings was located in different part of south Mumbai, which can not redeveloped due to some reasons, hence MHADA Authority entitle to provide us alternate tenements trough Master list. MHADA receive housing stock from giving NOC to private developers. in MAR 2013 AND SEPT 2013 MHADA issued Public Advertise for masterlist along with tenement available with them, Oct 2015 MHADA issued Master list for 332 tenant, by providing them permanent tenement in housing stock which they have, we 25 tenant received a allotment letter for tenements in property located in Pimpalwadi, Girgaon region, all tenant started further proceeding as prescribed by Mhada official, such as NOC fees of Rs.60,000/-, Registration for surrender of lees of old building, surrender of transit tenement, surrender of electric meter of transit tenement, Indemnity bonds etc. after that some tenet receive possession letter from MHADA. after that MHADA officials said us they stop allotment of said property due to these flats handover to MMRDA for Metro 3 project as demand made by MMRDA. and decision taken by higher authority. We are in confusion how can they handover this tenements to MMRDA which already allotted to people, as such housing stock is obtain from developer for allotment trough Master list. we spend already around one lakh Rs for process, surrender our transit accommodation. please guide us what we do next? Thank you