Alimony for educated wife

I have been married for more than 15 years and have one son of 11 years from this marriage. My husband is a seaman working on foreign vessels. For last 5 years he totally abandoned me and my son as I caught him having multiple affairs onboard and here in India. From his one affair with a Brazilian female, he also has a daughter and the said female contacted me via email, phone and send me pictures of their affair and wherein he promised to marry her and then once she got preganant abandoned them too. She through her embassy appointed a lawyer in mumbai and filed a complaint with the National Commision for Women, Delhi too. However due to the system faults and lack of funds she could not pursue the case further and my husband got away with it. Now, he is doing the same with me and my child, since I did not accept his extra-martial affairs, he abandoned me and my son and went to live with his mother for the last 5 years. I have filed for maintenance for me and my child for last 2.5 years, however, I have not been given interim maintenance as yet. Also, he says he is not working and his mother and brothers are taking care of him. but the fact is that he earns more than 2000USD per month and has bought 4 wheeler and all in his mother name. Although I am educated after marriage he told me to be a housewife and now after 15 years he argues that I am not entitled for maintenance as I am educated and am purposely not working in order to get maintenance. Please advice as to how long will it take to get interim maintenance itself and whether I am entitled for the same