Visitation Rules for father

Hello Sir/Madam, We have been married for past 9 years and nothing isn't right at home. My wife always harasses my mother and me and we got separated from my parents family and started living in outhouse in the same building. even then she keeps scolding me and my mother each and everyday without reasons. sometimes they both quarrel and put me in the loop. Now the dispute has gone to more and I am not able to live with my wife anymore. She keeps insulting me with her messages like she has a boyfriend to trigger for a fight. now that she needs a mutual divorce. She isnt considering about the kid future and she isnt ready to accept the mistakes too. Even I am fed up and planning to apply for the divorce but worried about the son who is 6 years now. My mother has taken care of the kid from past 5 years and am confused now that what would be the parental control as she says she needs the kid. Can i get the kid on visitation for couple of days in a week? I had taken her to lawyer few days back and she is least bothered to accept the mistakes nor she is least bothered to say that she would stay for the sake of kid. We have shared the stuff with the lawyer and i have agreed that mistakes is on both the sides but she doesnt accept the same. Could you please let me know about the parental or visitation rights for father? Thanks in advance