Right of a son in father's property

Following is the will on a bond paper executed by my father without any notice to me. Please let me know where do I stand in claiming the share in the property: WILL DEED I ...... s/o ... aged... execute the following will voluntarily and without any coercion. That i am ...... residing along with my family members at ....... I have four sons and three daughters. They are 1)... 2)...3)...4)... etc. I have performed the marriage of my eldest son (me) with .... My son and daughter-in-law are both employed and drawing handsome salaries. They have recently purchased a flat. Due to ill and rude behaviour of my daughter-in-law, my son has also become the victim of avoiding my help to his parents since last three and half years whereas I have to face much hardship to meet the expenses of my dependent after my retirement I have also celebrated the marriage of my second daughter and the marriage of my third daughter . I have given my house No..... to my second daughter and I have also given reasonable jewellery etc. to her for her peaceful maintenance in the future married life. Similarly I have spent sufficient amount for the performance of the marriage of my third daughter considering her share in my property. Myself and my wife are of old age and considering the possibility of any tragedy at any time I felt it necessary to provide the property share to my three unmarried sons and the eldest daughter so that they may avoid any injustice which i fear may be created by my daughter-in-law. I may also clear here an important point that my eldest son (me) was quite obedient and helped me to bring up the dependants of my family before his marriage. I have consulted my well wishers and they are also of the one opinion only that my eldest son should be disinherited from my own earned property in view of his obedience to his wife as against his parents, brothers and sisters. In view of the above facts I have decided to execute this will so that the said house may be divided between my three unmarried sons and the eldest unmarried daughter. If at the time of my death eldest daughter is married by grace of almighty and settled in life, then she shall not be entitled to have share in above mentioned H.No..... Accordingly I hereby direct that after my death my property of H.No.....shall be divided between three sons, the eldest daughter and my wife in the following proportion. I may also declare that although my will is not in accordance with the practice in Muslim personal Law I request the almighty to forgive me for any lapse on my part due to the ill and rude behaviour of my daughter-in-law The property may be divided as under : Shares are mentioned. sd/- witness: 1) sd/ without identity 2) sd/ without identity attested notary advocate