To get compensation on the Dist Consumer Forum Award

Thank you Sirs/Madem ! I got a problem with the Consumer Forum in Hyderabad .A Bore-well drilling Contractor has drilled a Bore-well in my Agrl. Land. Due his fault and Negligence .I have approached Honb"l Dist.consumer Forum, Rangareddy. The above contractor has not responded for any of the Notices and Final Award order also though he has received all. Finally Honb"l Dist . Consumer forum has issued Arrest Warrent. The said contractor has approached Hon"ble High court misleading the facts that he has not received any notices /orders of Honb"l Dist . Consumer forum. though he has received all. Hon'ble High court have issued Stay orders on the Arrest warrant of the Dist. consumer Forum on the plea of non receipt of Orders and the State consumer Forum was not Formed on the separation of (Andhrapradesh State). We have filed a counter with the evidence of receipt of all the Notices and orders of of the Dist. consumer Forum. without considering our counter Hon'ble High court have admitted the the Sty orders petition of the above contractor. though it has been elapsed 1.50 Years it has not listed for hearing. As far as my little knowledge is concerned there is no Jurisdiction to any court on the verdict ion of consumer Forums except State/Central consumer Forums. The appealing period is also over and the Telangana Sate consumer Forum was also formed. Under these circumstances, kindly enlighten us the manner in which we need to proceed for getting compensation awarded by the District consumer Forum. Manne.Sreelakshmi, Poor Farner, H,No.LIG-83, Road #2,KPHB Colony,HYDERABAD-500085, 9133498366/7416446789