Got cheated by Country Club India / Country Vacation

Hello, This is Rohitashva Goyal. A few days back I had gone to Inorbit Mall in Hyderabad where one nicely tucked boy asked me to fill up a lucky coupon which I did without knowing what it is for, I filled it and gave it back. After couple of days later I got a call informing that I won the lucky draw and three prizes are waiting for me – kitchen set, free vacation for a week for couple and some free entry in a resort in India and Abroad and I was the one of the first one to get this gift as per lucky draw. I was not willing to go as I was tired and don’t trust in these offers but they kept calling me again and again to collect the gift and finally me and my wife visited them at their Amrutha Castel, Hyderabad location. All way going to them I kept on getting phone calls whether I was coming or not. I counter questioned them whether this was about converting me into some paid membership at Country Vacation Club which they flatly denied and offered me these mentioned 3 offers free against visiting them. Anyways out of curiosity, I decided to go there on December 20, 2015 and found that there were about 20-30 people just like me who were asked to come into a room. Inside that there were plenty of tables with one sales guy/girl trying to convert us into membership of Country Vacations. Right from the start, we were provided with the drinking water, juice and coffee given by them! There was some time pass survey taken by the sales guy(Mr Navin) and then a briefing from the so-called manager( Mr Ahmed). They wanted to convert me into a Country Vacations member and started making offer. They tagged a price of Rs 3,15,000 for 30 years membership with Country Vacations and lifetime membership of Country Club with one a50 sq yr plot near to nararjuna sagar dam . For getting plot, we need to pay 50,000 extra. That offer consist of following point: a. 6 nights and 7 days of vacation yearly at any Country Vacation/Country Club resorts and hotel throughout India and world. Country club have tie up with so many other properties around the world. We can use all the property without paying extra charges.----------false promise b. During stay, a car with driver will come along with guide.-------false promise c. If I'm not using my 6 nights and 7 days week, then it will be carry forward in next year with 1 day loss.----------false promise d. Up to 40% discount on Air Fare.----------false promise e. Other than me, my wife and 2 kids, if I want to take any other couple, they will provide a separate room with nominal charges or if I am reducing my vacation days no need to pay anything.----------false promise f. There won’t be any off season and I would be eligible to book my vacation throughout the year.----------false promise g. 4 star or similar hotel----------false promise h. I'll get 20% discount on all shopper stops and some other retails stores by showing country club gold card.----------false promise I. I can pay in Emi with 0% interest.----------false promise J. Country club will help in renting our vacation week. If we are not satisfied, then county club will help us to resale this membership too.----------false promise They told me that all offers will come in welcome kit and no need to worry about anything. I kept denying the offers they made and talked about various EMIs I am already under. But they kept on holding me by one or other way and meanwhile negotiating on their offer. Even when I said that I need time to think they forced us into this by saying that this is a one-time offer which would expire the minute we step out from the room. The time given to decide was so limited that we happened to fall in their trap. Finally we decided to get into the membership for Rs 3,00,000/- (through citi credit card). However while signing when we wanted to go through the agreement they were not allowing us to do so saying that “You don’t need to worry, we will take care of everything and we are here to give you the best services.” When I asked if I can cancel the membership if I am not satisfied, they said that I don’t need to worry on that front and that it can be done easily hassle-free. Finally they swiped my credit card for Rs 3,00,000/-. They told me they have tie up with ICICI and HDFC bank for 0% EMI. The amount I've paid through citi credit card, that amount will settle by ICICI or HDFC bank and they will start EMI on HDFC or ICICI bank. However this never happened. I have paid full 3 lakh for citi bank credit card bill. Finally at last, they sent me away with gifts and the agreement. This is where my nightmare began. On reaching home I went through their agreement which mentioned things which were totally opposite to what they said. I got suspicious and went through internet about Country Vacations reviews. I was shocked to realize that a fraud has happened with me and that I have lost my hard earned money. I also got to know that this 30 years membership is available in 1.40 lakh only in country club kukatpalli office. After knowing all these I called Mr Ahmed and asked about all these promises. He told me all will come in welcome kit but I haven't received any welcome kit. I called them so many times. I visited there customer care also at begum-pet, Hyderabad office. The customer case guys told me, all promises were false. it was a big shock for me. The only hope is to use 6 nights and 7 days every year. Today I planned for vacation in Kerala for 5 days. I called country club for booking, then I got to know they don't have property in Alleppey. They told me to talk with DAE. When I called to DAE, they asked 150 US Dollar(For south Asia and 250 US Dollar for other part) for exchange and 85 US dollar for upgrade this. So totally we need to pay country club AMC(9500) + DAE exchange + upgrade for booking(That booking also in off season). DAE guys told me that I was basic member of DAE so I can't use many properties. They are also wanted some money for upgrade membership to use all property. Now All promises including accommodation become false for me. I got pissed off form country club services. Is there any way to cancel my membership? Thanking You