Flase 498A charges imposed on me and my family for harassment

Dear Sir, I am from Raipur, Chattisgarh and my wife is from Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. We have not been staying together since last one year as I work in Dubai in and international organization. My wife due to her pregnancy and her non adjustable nature went to her parents place in Hardoi, U.P. after staying with me in UAE for just 20 days and after which she started threatening me of divorce. She is from a financially sound family and was not able to adjust with us as she didn't want to compromise with the luxuries of life. During this 1 year I have been sending money from UAE for her expenses even though she was staying in her parents place in U.P. and I also paid all the bills for the delivery expenses. We have a 6 months old daughter and during this entire period they have been continuously threatening ,demanding money, abusing me and my parents of detention imposing false charges and misusing the political links of her parents and financial status. We have all the evidences against them including an FIR under section IPC - 394 against them in our local police station due to their unethical act of beating and abusing my elder brother and than absconding after snatching a mobile in which my brother was recording the video of the misbehaving . Soon after this to curb the anticipated reaction from them, we submitted the copies of proofs ( recordings, chats and mails ) including the FIR copy to their concerned authorities and police stations in U.P. so that the false case of 498A cannot be registered but I got to know that even then they successfully filed a false 498A aganist me, my mother, brother and sister. Also they have submitted a petition for non approval of our interim bail. We have all the evidences against them including use of non parliamentary language, chats and mails in which my wife and inlaws are threatening to get divorce and commanding us to do things force forcefully or else they will get us behind bars. Also my disgruntled wives parents are now putting pressure on police by illegal means for arbitrary and unjustified arrest and have submitted a writ petition in Lucknow high court so that the interim bail can get rejected and we can be harassed. Please advice as to how can we ( me and my family ) get out of this mental harassment and terror of false 498A. Kindly help us to fight and get justice. Thanks. Abhishek Trivedi