Wife left & Staying Sepratly

Hi Sir, My mother found one girl for my marriage through some friends & I got married. After 1 month we come to know she is cancer patient of last stage which was hided from us. Than we file DC & got Divorce. After some time again my mother found through relatives Girl & again I got married. She was 5 years elder than me. After 7years again because of difference of age to much dispute happening in us. Although after marriage myself & her staying separate from my parents. We are trying for child because of problem in me we cant able to get child so I proposed to go for adoption. But she was not ready for that & slowly more gape created in both of us with small fights. One find day she left my home & gone to her mother home. As I file divorce in Chennai but she was staying in Vellor their lawyer requested transfer the case to Vellor from Chennai. For Job purpose I sifted to Hyderabad & Mahila Samiti People & their Lawyer came to our Home & they threatened my parents that they will keep me & them behind the bar. Which I was come to know after some months when I followup for status of my case & come to know they dismissed my case saying this is my habit to give divorce.She is not coming back to my home & staying with me & not giving Divorce so I cant able to marry to some one else. Exactly she left me before 3 years & I do not have any physical relation with her from Last 3 years. She is not ready for any mutual understanding also. Please advise as I wanted to get marry to some one & leave life.