We are in the business of providing third party inspection and auditing services(called Certification body). In this regard we have obtained approval from one of the non-profit organization (Accreditation Body). This organization should be competent enough to assess our capability and grant approval. Also they need to comply with International standards and member of International organization to provide such a approval. They have to assess us every year and confirm our competence and services. Last five years they did mistakes which came to know our notice now. This is a big error and now they holding us responsible for this and withheld our approval. So we have complained to their Chairman as well as their monitoring body/authority.(we have the reports which evidences their error.) Since we made complained against their CEO, Decision Committee, now they are informing us that they are going to take decision on our file. The person whom against we complained is going to take decision. I replied to them that this against impartiality clause but they are not agreeing. Could you please advise me, will this act against impartiality? If yes, any reference/code of our law? Thanks S.Rajan