Fake and forgged transfer of joint shares

Io I had 500 shares splitted from 100 hdfc bank shares with my mother and brother . They transfered these shares to my sister in Feb 2012 without my knowledge on knowing immediately I requested share registrar datamatics financial services upteen times thru letter ,phone, emails to send copies of all papers submitted for transfer to lodge complain . They suggested to settle matter at my end amicably . Finally informed thru mail in Sept 2013 that they are in process of retrieving documents from records till date searching. Earlier also in 2009 due to my signature transfer deed was rejected by datamatics . After this my mother got changed address to Bhopal . That time also datamatics instead of sending papers informed thru mail that they have noted stop transfer on shares certificates. I lodged police complaint in Dec 2013 and after no action by police applied to court in 2014 . My statement was registered before the judge in Feb 2015 . Datamatics Mumbai is not responding to even court notices for sending papers kindly advice what should be done to expedite matter n register case .