No Commecement certficate but plans Approved by BBMP.

Hi there, Need your expert advise. Looking to purchase a property in Bangalore (North). Project is completed 95%. Title are all clear with clear ownership and transfer. Land being A khata. Issues: 1. Construction completed but to Commencement certificate obtained. Builder says in 2014 it was not mandatory. But they do have approved building plans from BBMP. Builder 100% sure he will get OC and ready to write under sale agreement. Can he obtain OC without having CC at first place but construction plans are approved by BBMP. OR Approved plans and commencement certificate are same?? Or presense of either document is suffice for occupancy certificate?? 2. Consulted with local lawyer and he asked for Nill tenancy certificate. Builder says this is required for Agriculture land conversion into residential. This particular land already been converted from agricultre to residential and given under authority of BBMP. Hence nill tenancy ia not required. ( i searched online and found Nill tenancy required mostly in the case of Land under BMRDA and above limits. BIAPPA etc. Pls confirm whether Nill certifcate is required in my case where legal ownership has clearly been evident. 3. Project is Approved by Axis and State Bank of Mysuru. If CC is required prior construction, how come Nationalised bank has approved the project and funded on one of the flat in the Apartment. Many thanks in Advance. Parvez Bangalore