Mutual Divorce with a One Time Settlement

I, Upalparna Dey, was married to Mr. Sourav De, on the 11th February, 1998 under the Hindu Mutal Act. The marraige is broken and I am wishing to take a mutual divorce and a one time settlement. I am a single orphan lady, with no property or place to live on my own. Thus currently I am living in my husbands house. I do not have any children. I have met a learned lawyer in Kolkata, who is advising on a Joint Sitting to my husband to make an out of the court settlement. But my husband is only giving the residential and his own office address as a venue for the joint sitting. My learned lawyer is saying that the Joint Sitting can only be conducted in a neutral zone. But my husband is not willing and is continuously mentally harassing me and bringing me to a point where I am forced to withdraw the proceedings. I am also not financially stable, having no savings till date. Kindly advice me what should be my next step and how to go about handling the proceedings without being financially broke.