How to apply for maintenance?

Dear Sir/ Madam My sister got married on 31st Jan'16. Immediately after marriage her in-laws and husband tortured her for dowry. She got to know about her mother-in-law, father-in-law and her husband's involved in affair. The boy used to tell girl that she was forced by his parents to have a marriage and he never wanted to marry her. So after 2 months his husband asked her to leave the house and he said that he want to get marry with other girl. She was forcibly asked to leave the house. So now she is back to her parents house. Then she file the case against him in Women cell. They already had more than 10 hearings but they are not able to provide any solution. The boy's parents has made some paper of law that his "son is now not a part of his property". The girl is now working but has no job security. The girl wants to file for maintenance and divorce. Pls tell how to process as we had no solution yet from women cell. They have a family business but now the boy is not working their as his father is not allowing him now. He is doing service with only a salary of 6000 per month. They have very good running fathers business and property. In women cell the boy is saying that he wants to stay with his wife on rented house. But his income is not sufficient to have a basic livelihood. His family is not ready to help in any terms financially, though they have 2 big houses, business and around 1 crore savings. Since his family has not agreed to give anything to the son and the boy is not able to have a rented house with all basic amenities the girl is not ready to stay with him. Please help how to apply for maintenance and divorce.