Fight with neighbour

This is about a domestic matter... HISTORY : I'm a Chennai native...I live with my parents...We have been living in rented flat till now...we have shifted our house like 5-6 times for this past 25 all the places we have made very good neighbors and had no problem with them...We are hindhu brahmins and indulge in pooja daily in the morning at 7AM and we use a musical instrument (looks like a steel plate and we use a stick, kind of drum) everyday when the pooja takes place..the sound which we create will last for hardly 35-45 seconds...The problem is...The place where we have moved in (we are still here for the past 10 yrs) has created problem..the guy living opp to our house is also a brahmin and an owner of the falt..he is also a rude person (the entire family is) ...the entire flat ppl are scared of him because he uses bad words to scold and acts like a rogue...When we first moved in here they started creating problem that we should play the music...but we fighted with him and we still perform the tradition...But for this past 10 yrs..he and his wife has created many silly problem (like throwing dust in front of our house while sweeping, make loud noises when my mom is on the phone, when someone comes to ur house they wantedly make loud noises and bang their door to disturb us..always utter bad words etc etc...) . All the flat ppl know about him but are scared and wont talk as he is the owner. RECENT SITUATION: We were are in 2nd floor and the common steps will be turned off irrespective of the time since we both dont turn it on unless we require it. Last friday we were traveling to homwtown so me n my mom started first and come out near the gate to catch cab..My dad came out turned on the common steps light for locking the door, locked it and turned the light off again. That time the opp house guy uttered a bad wrd and said "@#$%@# is turning off the light and going"..So my dad in turn said "you are only @!#$##" and kept moving as we had to catch train. As my dad came down the guy also ran down and shouted at my dad for uttering the bad word even after my ada said "I'm in no mood to fight as I am going out of station". He then first hit my dad on his had and also his face, which my dad dodged and the punch landed on my dads chest leaving a blood clot. My dad also in turn hit him on his cheeks. So the hitting part I did not see. me and my mom waiting near the gate was wondering y is my dad late..then when i walked back I noticed someone was shouting and noticed a fight going on..It was verbal when I saw and interfered..So I ran and I also started shouting in bad words which I have never done before in my this time few ppl in the ground floor also came.. One thing led to another and he scolded my which I didnt care but my dad got angry and took his slippers to beat him with it....the ppl around came and stopped it... we then started to mysore and returned on Tuesday we never knew that he started the hitting first as my dad didnt tell me during the fight fearing that it might get more complicated and we would miss the train..he told that after we boarded the train Flat ppl who stopped us n all convinced us and said we all knew about that guy but cant do anything since he is a owner..etc etc Today my dad spoke with our house owner (who is residing somewhere else) and the owner said u have my support if you go to the police So to teach him a lesson we have decided to go to the police and file a complaint (one my dad's friend has some political influence and knows the police) so if i complaint is filed, what will be the action of the police? What steps can he take? what steps should we do for an effective complaint? any tips/advice to sort this would really be valuable we are new to this kind of experience and what type of complaint should we file? is a lawyer required when we file the complaint?