Legal advise

Respected Sir, I, Mr. Vishnudas P.D writing this requesting your valuable advice to overcome an issue which I am facing at my current work place in Maldives. I have worked with Trans Maldivian Airways Pvt. Ltd. as Guest Service Officer From 19th August 2015 to 20th July 2016 and have submitted my resignation on 06th July 2016 and completed my notice period of 14 days as per the company policy, but the management has rejected my resignation stating that I have given a verbal commitment of working 2 years,though I have not signed any bond with them. So after a discussion with my management I resubmitted my resignation again on 06th July 2016 and completed my notice period. Besides completing all procedures as per company policy, the management is now refusing to settle my full and final payment and my experience certificates are also not being provided. As I have been offered a new job in Maldives itself, now they are threatening me saying that they will not cancel my visa even though it will expire on 13th August 2016. Hence I would like your valuable advice on what step i should further take for my visa cancellation. I would also like to know if i go to my home town on my own expense, without my experience certificates is there any possibility that the company can file a complain against me in immigration and stop me from coming back even though I don't have any complain or conflicts with the employer. Your advise will certainly be very helpful in resolving this difficult situation. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.